.editorconfig language support


Aleksandr Kirsanov

Related Product or JB Team

IntelliJ IDEA, WebStorm, Rider

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Project description

.editorconfig is a popular format for managing and share code style settings in teams. The structure of the file and its format are designed to be human readable and thus easy to edit by hand. However, IDEA doesn't yet provide support for these files from the smart language features' perspective. Supporting .editorconfig as a separate language in IJ-platform is a great opportunity to learn all core subsystem of the most popular platform for creating IDEs, and to dig into live of tools engineers. The resulting plugin will reside in IDEA github open-source repository, will be bundled in all IJ-based IDEs, and used by millions of users of our products.


Kotlin, Java, IntelliJ Platform, IDEA, TeamCity, Git.

Desired result

Working plugin for IJ-based products for truly intelligent IDE support for working with .editorconfig files. Semantic highlighting, validation and errors reporting, completion, file and settings keys hierarchy navigation.


Programming languages necessary for the project: Java / Kotlin

Knowledge / skills

  • interest in languages and formal grammars;
  • ability to learn quickly;
  • read others code;
  • being able to navigate through big code bases.

Result presentation