Lightweight PHP profiler


Svetlana Zemlyanskaya

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Project description

Application profiling is not that easy PHP world. Web server is often executed remotely, profiler adds a big overhead and should be enabled only when needed. We'd like to change that by implementing a lightweight profiler which will not add a big overhead and, therefore, can be always enabled during the development stage. Of course, it won't provide exhaustive information about the app performance but it's often not necessary.

At first, we'll need to analyze existing tools for PHP profiling, especially tools for on-the-fly profiling. Then implement a lightweight extension for PHP which will modify web server response with performance information. It should not create snapshots with call trees but show base request information and hotspot alerts. PHP profiler should affect application performance as little as possible.

Desired result

PHP profiler extension which will modify web server response with performance information.


Programming languages necessary for the project: C, C++.

Knowledge / skills: The candidate should be able to search, aggregate and analyze information. He/she should be able to profiler their own code and understand its limitations.

Result presentation