RD: reactive distributed stateful framework


Dmitry Ivanov

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Mentor's location


Project description

JetBrains Rider is built by combining different processes & different languages: Java/Kotlin frontend (IntellijIdea) and C# backend (ReSharper). We designed reactive protocol (JetBrains/rd) to connect these two worlds. Now, it's time to step beyond Kotlin and C#.


(Java || Kotlin) && (C# || C++ || Rust || JavaScript || your_favourite_language)

Desired result

Now we have RdFramework in Kotlin and C#. After two months of internship you should provide Rd Framework on C++ or Rust, (maybe Kotlin/JS) or any other language of your choice.


Programming languages necessary for the project:

  • Kotlin;
  • C++;
  • C#;
  • Rust.

Knowledge / skills

  • Algorithms;
  • Concurrency;
  • Problem solving;
  • Performance optimizations;
  • OOP & OOD;
  • Common sense is the most important skill to have.

Result presentation