Scala to Kotlin converter


Alexander Podkhalyuzin

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Project description

The goal is to implement copy/paste converter from Scala programming language into Kotlin. We also in this project will try to summarize similar converters to make common IntelliJ IDEA API.


Programming languages, Translators, IntelliJ IDEA platform, JVM, Java, Scala, Kotlin.

Desired result

There is no such goal as compilable Kotlin code in all cases. We have such goal for simple projects without heavy Scala type system usage. However generally resulting Kotlin code should be readable and simple to edit.


Programming languages necessary for the project:

  • Java;
  • Kotlin;
  • Scala.

Knowledge / skills

  • The biggest requirement is strong understanding compilers, ASTs.
  • Good Java is required.
  • Scala/Kotlin would be heavy plus.
  • The rest we will learn during the internship.

Result presentation