Swift Package Manager Support


Philipp Smorygo

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AppCode, CLion

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Project description

Swift is a modern widely-used programming language developed by Apple. It was originally designed to fit into ios\macos ecosystem. Now Swift toolchain supports building binaries for Linux too and since there is no Xcode on Linux, Swift Package Manager is used to structurize code and to describe dependencies. Swift language is supported in AppCode but it requires an Xcode project to be present. CLion is also capable of working with Swift via plugin, but it is restricted to CMake project model now. The goal of this project is to implement support of Swift Package Manager to be able to open such projects directly in AppCode and CLion.


This project will require you to get in touch with Swift language, get used with llvm, make some RnD work and implement your code in Java or Kotlin.

Desired result

The expected result of this project is a functionality that allows to open Swift projects independently from Xcode or CMake project model. It should also support most features of Swift Package Manager such as targets build order and external projects dependencies.


Programming languages necessary for the project: Java / Kotlin

Knowledge / skills: Swift (basic)

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