Machine learning based ticket classification in issue tracking systems


Vasily Korf

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Marketing Research

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Project description

In order to provide improved end user satisfaction while ensuring better allotment of support recourse. The assignment of help ticket to appropriate group is still manually performed. Especially at large organizations, the manual assignment is not applicable sufficiently. It is time consuming and requires human efforts.

  • Exploratory data analysis.
  • Automated classification of issues from our issue tracker using machine learning techniques.
  • Submitters often misclassify an improvement request as a bug and vice versa. This costs valuable developer time. Hence automated classification of the submitted reports would be of great practical utility.
  • Classify duplicates.
  • Predict due date.
  • Recommend assignee.

Tensorflow, keras, pytorch, etc.

Desired result

Implement the results in our workflow.


Programming languages necessary for the project: Python

Knowledge / skills: git.

Result presentation 1

Result presentation 2